Additional services

In order to insure our clients goods even further, we have set up the insurance department offering a professional full service package. Although every vehicle has CMR insurance, in case the value of the transported goods is higher than the value of the carrier’s insurance, we can provide the best option for insuring your load.
We also provide the full range of necessary insurance for domestic or international transport.

Short-term storage

We can further help our clients with storage solutions for small loads and over short periods of time.
This way, in a professional manner we can solve the issue of a client who cannot unload the goods on time and in a convenient location and at the same time we can aid the carrier who needs an available truck as soon as possible.
We can arrange for the goods to be stored in our facilities situated in Chitila or Theodor Pallady, two areas that can be transited by large capacity trucks without having to apply for an authorization.