Domestic and international transport (less than truck load) | LTL

We are specialized in domestic and international transport of general goods using trucks of different capacities (between 1.5 and 22 tones) depending on our clients demands.
We arrange groupages (partial loads) in a way that provides our clients with maximum security for their goods and prices, and we allow our carriers to use their truck capacities in the most efficient way.
Working professionally, we ensure total confidentiality overthe information provided during the transport service so our clients are protected against any type of information leakage.
In order to aid our partners, we can provide transport services using trucks that have a hydraulic platform and can lift a load of 500-800 kg.
In the case of partial truckloads, the service price is calculated according to the specified quantity.
Once the goods are loaded, they occupy the same position inside the truck until they are unloaded, avoiding reloading and the implied consequences during the transportation stage (useless maneuvers, deterioration, misplacement or loss).